4 Amazing Gadgets And Electronics That Monitor Your Weight


Moments come into our lives when we realize the mistakes we’ve been doing all along, which need to stop before we reach either a dead end or an edge of a cliff. In both occasions, we need to step back and go on a different course, before we hit the wall or fall into the unknown. These moments can come to us in any form or cause, including our health.

While we may not be too bothered by our weight, it is indeed a significant factor in the upkeep of our health. Through balanced diet, exercise, and a more productive lifestyle, we should be improving holistically in no time.

As suggested by experts, weight management can lead to long-term success in keeping ourselves healthy. Self-measurement should be an essential habit, and with the help of technology, everyone can keep track of our individual progress, which can lead to more motivation in sustaining our goals.

Here are four gadgets in the market that are proven to help in daily weight monitoring.

1. Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale

Price: $128.99 up
This revolutionary product promises to help you and your family stay on track. The Aria Smart Scale not only tracks your weight but also computes your BMI, lean mass, and body fat %, which are key indicators of your health program. Since it’s a wifi-ready gadget, you may wirelessly connect it to your home Internet anytime. You will also have access to their smart app and caloric nutritional consultation online. The best part is, you can share this with up to 7 other users in your family with each one having your individual profiles and data. Hence, this is something to keep a healthier family together.

2. Withings WS-50 Smart Body Analyzer

Price: $129.95
Another smart product to inspire you on hitting your weight goals. Withings Smart Body Analyzer delivers a high-accuracy analysis of your body composition, which includes not only your weight, but also your fat, water, and bone mass. This gadget automatically connects to your wifi or Bluetooth and can display your previous eight weighings on screen. You’ll have access to a smart app that shows your trends and some nutritional guides, too. There are also extra features that will move you.

3. Omron Body Fat Loss Monitor

Price: $34.99
If you’re into the lower budget spectrum, Omron Body Fat Loss Monitor can help you track your weight and body composition daily at a fraction of the cost. The fact that you will just need to hold onto it unlike stepping on a scale can bring some level of comfort. You will be asked for your gender and age to make the reading more accurate.

4. Yunmai Premium Bluetooth Smart Body Fat Scale & Body Composition Monitor with Free Fitness App and Extra Large Display

Price: $59.95
All right, this is their listing name on Amazon. This gadget is also a promising Bluetooth smart scale comparable to the two above for a lower price. In fact, this device is a combination of the two, if not more. You can measure your weight and ten other areas of your body composition. At the same time, you can have more users create their profiles. You and fifteen of your friends can share the weight loss journey together.

These are just four gadgets to help you track your weight daily. Good luck with your journey! Be a healthier you.