6 things you should know about crystal oscillators


Crystal oscillators are widely used in the electronic industry. Their ability to produce steady reference signals and maintain stable frequencies make them an inevitable component of various electronics. Here are 5 things you must know regarding crystal oscillators.

img31. The U.S. Army created radio communications controls using crystals in the late 1930s. Slowly, the radio communication industry developed and demand for quartz increased.

2. The oscillator packages used to be bigger in size before. But with technology, these are now smaller now. The oscillators today are also more stable compared to its previous versions.

3. The manufacturing process of oscillator didn’t improve much since the past. So, the same process is still used in manufacturing oscillators. If the manufacturing process could improve then, it would take less time to fulfill an order.

4. New crystals need new frequency. The thickness and angle of the crystals are unique for each type of frequency. You should consider the temperature and frequency stability to cut quartz.

5. There are hybrid oscillators in the market now. Raw devices are produced and programmed depending on the specifications that are given by clients. So, a few weeks of lead time is required for manufacturing the product.

6. Good packaging is essential for oscillators made from quartz. If there is a package leak, it can affect the oscillation. So, a good seal is needed to ensure that no leaks occur.

Vibration and shocks are important factors to consider in quartz oscillators. The new oscillators that are manufactured today have much-improved performance compared to their previous versions.